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“Ruby Red Reno” – Marilyn Dash – InvertedCast Episode 9

InvertedCast is back from Reno and along with us is none other than Marilyn Dash! Besides having probably one of the most race appropriate names, she is also races the most InvertedCast appropriate plane at Reno…of course we’re talking about a Pitts!!

Listen in to hear what goes on behind the racing scene and also find out what it takes to become a Reno racer! Oh, we know…you’re probably thinking it only takes guts, determination and a daily dose of InvertedCast to become a racer – and you would be right! So why not get a head start? Download the episode now and enjoy the show!

Show Notes

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Relentless mayday:
Thunder mustang crash:

***MUST SEE*** Unbelievable Reno recap:

Marilyn’s Ruby Red racing website:
Marilyn’s blog (The Pylon Place):


Download the episode and listen to it before you buy your first Pitts by clicking here:

“Rhettinator” – InvertedCast Episode 8

Some say he’s half man, half composite. Others think that if they were to refer to him as Brett, they would discover his soft spot for glass and everything electronic. But these people would be wrong.

Rhett Boeger joins the team and completes the trifecta that is InvertedCast! So, listen here you curious podcasters, the Rhettinator is about to crack you up with some funnyness!


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“Ahhh chute!” – Kandi Spangler – InvertedCast Episode 07

In a classy move that is sure to satisfy the most particular aviation podcast listener (including “The Rhettinator”), Mark and Derek finally get a female voice on the show!

Kandi Spangler, aircraft sales director and future aerobatic champion, joins InvertedCast to talk about Pitts buying, flying, rolling, spinning and landing.

Also listen to find out what makes balsa videos so funny and what Derek will be flying this week!

Show Notes
Citabria Sunset Formation Two by Four (must see!):
Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS Parachute) save during airshow:
Pitts 1, RC 0:

You’re addicted to everything InvertedCast – Get your fix by downloading the episode here:


“Don Patrol” – InvertedCast Episode 6

Don Weaver (you may remember him from such awesome aerobatic projects such as Acro Camp) from OptAir joins Mark and Derek on this new episode!

Listen as Don talks aerobatic competition flying, Acro Camp, airplane sharing (and caring) and of course the mighty Pitts! Also listen to find out what Mark and Derek flew over the weekend and whether a shaving kit fits in a Pitts or not.

Show Notes
Don Weaver – OptAir:

That funny Waco we saw at Auburn

Pitts are red, not flying them makes me blue, InvertedCast rocks the house and saving the episodes does too:


“iFlyInverted” – InvertedCast Episode 5

Mark and Derek don’t hold back (or short) on this new episode – Join us as we explore the wonders of breakfast formation runs, Pitts pukers, stickin it to the man, and the finer points of whether contemporary multimedia technology can fuse with an antique in this new episode!

Also listen in to find out the answer to one of life’s most important questions: How many pushrods can a Cessna chuck if a Cessna could chuck pushrods? The world would have never known…that is, until the world listened to InvertedCast!!!

Show notes

New Taxi Rules:


Pitts breakin

Saving this podcast to disk and listening to it later is like hanging a “C-” on the fridge – make mommy proud that you passed and click here to download this episode:


“Waco for the Lakes” – InvertedCast Episode 4

Listen as Mark and Derek describe the wonders of spins with rounded rudders, hats made out of sectionals, planes with that new car smell and of course the Pitts!  Also tune in to find out how to do an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) InvertedCast style!


Show notes
Hollister airshow (May 29-30th):

Madera airshow:


Jessica Ambats Horsemen pictures:

1200HP NXT!!:

Dago Red news:

The Pitts lives!!!


Mix one part “click here” with one part “to download” and you’ll be in aviation podcast bliss forever:

“Peaches, pears and applesauce” – Tim Decker – InvertedCast Episode 3

Tim Decker, is just another “unfortunate” guy who has thousands of hours flying things like the U-2, F-117, T-38 and now thrills people around the country with his aerobatic skills in his immaculate Pitts S2B.

Join Mark and Derek as they talk to Tim about flying over 56,000 feet, tube food, the complexities of explaining stadium flyovers to briefers and of course, aerobatics and his airshows! Also listen to find out what airplane Mark was flying formation next to in what’s got to be a first in aviation!

Show notes
Tim Decker Airshows:

Hollister airshow (May 29-30th):

Wings of Freedom Tour (B-17, B-24, P-51 going on at your local airport):


Since it’s too hard to deny yourself some InvertedCast on the way to work, download this episode and listen to it in the car:

Yak 54!

Formation - Yak 54 and Marchetti SF260

On final at Half Moon Bay for the 2010 Dream Machines show

“The Zwiebel-cast” – InvertedCast Episode 2

The idea:  Keep things short and simple for our second podcast episode – a “quick” cast if you will.
The reality:  Everything from InvertedCast is confusing and goes by in a blur – it only seems quick because we’re so exciting!
The result:  The Zwiebel-cast!!!

Join the dynamic duo as they talk about the miracle between the pilons, uncontrolled airport ops, accelerated flight training and of course, spins.  Listen to reveal who our next exciting podcast guest will be and also find out what Derek will be bringing to Half Moon Bay on Sunday!

Show notes
Zwiebelturm (1:30 mark):
More tumbles:

Tragic IAC crash:

Miracle between the pilons (Red Bull crash – Side view):
Miracle between the pilons (Red Bull crash – cockpit view):

Half Moon Bay Dream Machines:

And here’s that very sad looking Pitts 🙁


You’ll sleep better tonight if you save the episode to disk and listen to it before you goto bed:

“Real pilots fly disposable airplanes” – InvertedCast Episode 1, Part 2

Rockets, chutes and composites combine with controversary in the riveting conclusion to Part 1 of the inagural InvertedCast podcast! 

Listen as Will, Steve, Mark and Derek lay the smackdown on pilots who insist ‘chutes aren’t cool.  Also, listen up to reveal the only object on this planet that is capable of breaking an Airbus.  Excited yet?  We wouldn’t be…but then again, we fly upside down!


If you can’t get enough, save the episode to disk and listen to it in the shower:

“The dream team” – InvertedCast Episode 1, Part 1

So what do you do when you start a PodCast?  Do you go for class and style or do you try to form a PodCast Dream Team that makes your first PodCast SO AWESOME, it needs to be split into two episodes?!

We chose:  Form the DREAM TEAM (forget class and style)!

Will Hawkins from The Pilot’s Flight PodLog and Steve Tupper from Airspeed join Mark Pollard and Derek de Oliveira to form a PodCast Dream Team in InvertedCast’s first episode!  We talk about it all:  Aerobatics, Instrument ratings, Becoming a pilot, and that’s just in the first couple minutes!

Listen to the PodCast to get more info on two VERY interesting movie projects,  A Pilot’s Story (Wilco Films production) and AcroCamp (Steve Tupper) and find out what Mark’s drinking this time!


You know you want to keep this episode…click here for the direct download: