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“Yubacue” – InvertedCast Episode 19

First you take a trip to Yuba, then you add some barbecue…what do you get?! Yubacue! Yubacue!!!

Listen in for more aviation glory and general Invertedcast randomness!


Download this episode to disk here:

“Thunder over Rhett” – InvertedCast Episode 18

Despite a trip to south east Asia, a prison sentence and a tour with the Grateful Dead, Invertedcast is back!! Storm clouds are brewing and the Rhettinator isn’t happy – listen in to find out what’s going on in this latest episode!


Download this episode to disk here:

“A Reno we’ll never forget” – InvertedCast Episode 17

Title sais it all – hear a first hand account of what the incident was like from Rhett…


Download this episode to disk here:

“Nocast” – InvertedCast Episode 16

What happened to InvertedCast you say??? What took us so long to just get a damn podcast out?? We’ll…..we’re not sure either but hey, here’s a new episode to warm the vaccum tubes in your antique radio!

On this episode we talk about NOTHING related to the Reno Air Races (that’ll be very, very soon in our next episode) – listen in to hear about some Citabria flying, family fun days at airports, walking binoculars, hippies, BO and LOTS of bleeping (if you’re around any little ones, just give them the earmuffs signal and keep em covered the entire time). Also listen into to find out what Rhett’s biggest student pilot pet peve is!

In all seriousness, we would like to express our deepest condolances to everyone lost and impacted by the tragic event in Reno. We had several friends witness the incident first hand (including Rhett) and we are glad to inform that everyone is ok.


Hippies like to save stuff like trees and bandwidth – go green and download our episode here!

“Bombadier” – InvertedCast Episode 15

InvertedCast is back this month with a new episode – and aside from the bombadier beetle discussion it’s basically all acro related!

Listen in to hear about Mark’s new job, Danish aviation nuts, and inverted flat spins from 25,000 feet.

“Citizen Extra” – InvertedCast Episode 14

InvertedCast survives the perils of recording a thirteenth episode and bring you new amazing podcast gold!

Listen in to hear some talk about biplanes, twins, the Pitts, the Skycatcher…and cat herding. Yes, you heard it right.

Show Notes
InvertedCast’s awesome YouTube page – its all HD baby!!
KHAF cat herder featured here:


Download link thingamabob:

“The lost episode” – InvertedCast Episode 13

As pilots, the guys at InvertedCast rely on their skill and knowledge to overcome superstition and tempt fate recording episode 13!

Listen to hear the greatest and best second half of a podcast in the world….get lost forever…but hey, the first half of the episode is still pretty funny! So check it out!!!

But the big surprise this week is that InvertedCast now has a YouTube channel! Go check it out for some great HD footage of the guys in action!


Download the episode now and save it to your disk…because we obviously can’t be trusted in that department…doh!!

“2010 Holiday Podcast Extravaganza!” – InvertedCast Episode 12

The guys confiscate the hangar again and bring you a 2010 Holiday podcast extravaganza!

Listen as the guys talk about the biggest aviation news, failures and funnyness of 2010 – Livermore was busy so you also get to hear about forty airplanes takeoff, land, taxi and startup as wonderful background noise! Also, have you always wondered what it would mean if you flew inverted under the mistletoe? It would cause any pilot to pause over the holidays…but wonder no longer little aviation nuts, InvertedCast is coming to town!

Show Notes
GoPro attached to rc plane in New York – MUST SEE:
Giboney’s Reno crash (in cockpit view):


Ding 2010 is done! Ding 2010 is done! InvertedCast #1! InvertedCast #1! I want to listen to it all da time, so I download it to my harddrive! Do you want a download link with that?

“Operation Jettison” – InvertedCast Episode 11

InvertedCast comes to you live (prerecorded) from an actual airplane hangar in this brand new episode!

Lots happening on this one: Derek goes on a secret mission, Rhett becomes a master of technology and Mark gets an engine cough. Also listen to find out the best way to short circuit a Marchetti, when to drop the gear on an LA approach, where to see the best sock puppet shows. Yes, we said it: Sock puppets.


You don’t want to lose your InvertedCast tonight – since it’s the only thing that matters, download it now and save it forever!!!

“Failcast: Moby” – InvertedCast Episode 10

InvertedCast displays its mastery of funny and general internet trendyness by talking about the FAIL in everything aviation: Emergencies, traffic alerts, hydraulic pumps, aviation newbies and the list goes on!

Join us to find out what the Salinas airshow was like last weekend, whether whales can hit airplanes and also listen to find out what you should do when your Mode C fails! Tickling that “Like” button aren’t we? Well download the episode now to satisfy that InvertedCast desire!


Download the episode and save it to disk before you break that VSI!!