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“Nocast” – InvertedCast Episode 16

What happened to InvertedCast you say??? What took us so long to just get a damn podcast out?? We’ll…..we’re not sure either but hey, here’s a new episode to warm the vaccum tubes in your antique radio!

On this episode we talk about NOTHING related to the Reno Air Races (that’ll be very, very soon in our next episode) – listen in to hear about some Citabria flying, family fun days at airports, walking binoculars, hippies, BO and LOTS of bleeping (if you’re around any little ones, just give them the earmuffs signal and keep em covered the entire time). Also listen into to find out what Rhett’s biggest student pilot pet peve is!

In all seriousness, we would like to express our deepest condolances to everyone lost and impacted by the tragic event in Reno. We had several friends witness the incident first hand (including Rhett) and we are glad to inform that everyone is ok.


Hippies like to save stuff like trees and bandwidth – go green and download our episode here!

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