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“2010 Holiday Podcast Extravaganza!” – InvertedCast Episode 12

The guys confiscate the hangar again and bring you a 2010 Holiday podcast extravaganza!

Listen as the guys talk about the biggest aviation news, failures and funnyness of 2010 – Livermore was busy so you also get to hear about forty airplanes takeoff, land, taxi and startup as wonderful background noise! Also, have you always wondered what it would mean if you flew inverted under the mistletoe? It would cause any pilot to pause over the holidays…but wonder no longer little aviation nuts, InvertedCast is coming to town!

Show Notes
GoPro attached to rc plane in New York – MUST SEE:
Giboney’s Reno crash (in cockpit view):


Ding 2010 is done! Ding 2010 is done! InvertedCast #1! InvertedCast #1! I want to listen to it all da time, so I download it to my harddrive! Do you want a download link with that?

1 comment to “2010 Holiday Podcast Extravaganza!” – InvertedCast Episode 12

  • Hey boys – I thought we were gonna get to see those GoPro tests you filmed? As a YouTube HDcam in-flight junkie I wanna see em! 🙂 My LSA videos just won’t compare
    in excitement, so I have to live vicariously thru you guys! Keep up the great shows, not sure how much feedback you guys get but it’s lots of fun and what makes yours DIFFERENT than the rest, is your lighthearted young attitude – most of the podcasters aren’t our age so it’s fun to listen to your B.S. during work or other activities I hate at the time (farming, mowing, whatever). Peace out!

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