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“Ruby Red Reno” – Marilyn Dash – InvertedCast Episode 9

InvertedCast is back from Reno and along with us is none other than Marilyn Dash! Besides having probably one of the most race appropriate names, she is also races the most InvertedCast appropriate plane at Reno…of course we’re talking about a Pitts!!

Listen in to hear what goes on behind the racing scene and also find out what it takes to become a Reno racer! Oh, we know…you’re probably thinking it only takes guts, determination and a daily dose of InvertedCast to become a racer – and you would be right! So why not get a head start? Download the episode now and enjoy the show!

Show Notes

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Relentless mayday:
Thunder mustang crash:

***MUST SEE*** Unbelievable Reno recap:

Marilyn’s Ruby Red racing website:
Marilyn’s blog (The Pylon Place):


Download the episode and listen to it before you buy your first Pitts by clicking here:

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