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“Rhettinator” – InvertedCast Episode 8

Some say he’s half man, half composite. Others think that if they were to refer to him as Brett, they would discover his soft spot for glass and everything electronic. But these people would be wrong.

Rhett Boeger joins the team and completes the trifecta that is InvertedCast! So, listen here you curious podcasters, the Rhettinator is about to crack you up with some funnyness!


Let’s face it. You want InvertedCast all the time – we know! That’s why we offer each episode in a conveniant download format! Click here to download the new episode and save it to disk!

1 comment to “Rhettinator” – InvertedCast Episode 8

  • Excellent – the story of the old pilot was fantastic comedy, as is most of your stuff – just took my 102 year great uncle flying (video on youtube soon), his first time since 60’s. He was a B-24 flight engineer and gunner – fantastic comedy from the old guy just like you described, but thank god we were only in a Skyhawk! UNREAL! Keep up the good work! ~Brendan, 32, Oregon USA

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