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“iFlyInverted” – InvertedCast Episode 5

Mark and Derek don’t hold back (or short) on this new episode – Join us as we explore the wonders of breakfast formation runs, Pitts pukers, stickin it to the man, and the finer points of whether contemporary multimedia technology can fuse with an antique in this new episode!

Also listen in to find out the answer to one of life’s most important questions: How many pushrods can a Cessna chuck if a Cessna could chuck pushrods? The world would have never known…that is, until the world listened to InvertedCast!!!

Show notes

New Taxi Rules:


Pitts breakin

Saving this podcast to disk and listening to it later is like hanging a “C-” on the fridge – make mommy proud that you passed and click here to download this episode:


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