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“Waco for the Lakes” – InvertedCast Episode 4

Listen as Mark and Derek describe the wonders of spins with rounded rudders, hats made out of sectionals, planes with that new car smell and of course the Pitts!  Also tune in to find out how to do an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) InvertedCast style!


Show notes
Hollister airshow (May 29-30th):

Madera airshow:


Jessica Ambats Horsemen pictures:

1200HP NXT!!:

Dago Red news:

The Pitts lives!!!


Mix one part “click here” with one part “to download” and you’ll be in aviation podcast bliss forever:

1 comment to “Waco for the Lakes” – InvertedCast Episode 4

  • I nearly spit out my coffee when Mark said “you flew like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.” It’s the **** Catalina Wine mixer!

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