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“Peaches, pears and applesauce” – Tim Decker – InvertedCast Episode 3

Tim Decker, is just another “unfortunate” guy who has thousands of hours flying things like the U-2, F-117, T-38 and now thrills people around the country with his aerobatic skills in his immaculate Pitts S2B.

Join Mark and Derek as they talk to Tim about flying over 56,000 feet, tube food, the complexities of explaining stadium flyovers to briefers and of course, aerobatics and his airshows! Also listen to find out what airplane Mark was flying formation next to in what’s got to be a first in aviation!

Show notes
Tim Decker Airshows:

Hollister airshow (May 29-30th):

Wings of Freedom Tour (B-17, B-24, P-51 going on at your local airport):


Since it’s too hard to deny yourself some InvertedCast on the way to work, download this episode and listen to it in the car:

Yak 54!

Formation - Yak 54 and Marchetti SF260

On final at Half Moon Bay for the 2010 Dream Machines show

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