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“The Zwiebel-cast” – InvertedCast Episode 2

The idea:  Keep things short and simple for our second podcast episode – a “quick” cast if you will.
The reality:  Everything from InvertedCast is confusing and goes by in a blur – it only seems quick because we’re so exciting!
The result:  The Zwiebel-cast!!!

Join the dynamic duo as they talk about the miracle between the pilons, uncontrolled airport ops, accelerated flight training and of course, spins.  Listen to reveal who our next exciting podcast guest will be and also find out what Derek will be bringing to Half Moon Bay on Sunday!

Show notes
Zwiebelturm (1:30 mark):
More tumbles:

Tragic IAC crash:

Miracle between the pilons (Red Bull crash – Side view):
Miracle between the pilons (Red Bull crash – cockpit view):

Half Moon Bay Dream Machines:

And here’s that very sad looking Pitts 🙁


You’ll sleep better tonight if you save the episode to disk and listen to it before you goto bed:

1 comment to “The Zwiebel-cast” – InvertedCast Episode 2

  • Chris Cheetham

    You now have your second listener, all the way from the UK! …Sunny day over here ( for a change! ) and very sad that I am stuck in the office instead of up in the clouds. Just discovered the podcast which is helping me nicely get my aviation fix despite being stuck indoors. Only just got upto episode 2 and enjoying it so far. Keep up the great work!

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