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“Real pilots fly disposable airplanes” – InvertedCast Episode 1, Part 2

Rockets, chutes and composites combine with controversary in the riveting conclusion to Part 1 of the inagural InvertedCast podcast! 

Listen as Will, Steve, Mark and Derek lay the smackdown on pilots who insist ‘chutes aren’t cool.  Also, listen up to reveal the only object on this planet that is capable of breaking an Airbus.  Excited yet?  We wouldn’t be…but then again, we fly upside down!


If you can’t get enough, save the episode to disk and listen to it in the shower:

3 comments to “Real pilots fly disposable airplanes” – InvertedCast Episode 1, Part 2

  • Awesome podcast, I’m going to subscribe to your feed on iTunes ASAP. What I love is just that you focus on us “regular” GA weekend warriors, as a ~200 hour pilot I can relate to the challenges and fun you talk about in aviation. You guys have also inspired me to checkout any available ways to do acro here in central Ohio. Keep up the great work!

  • luvjetz

    I remember you talking about all composite aircraft, especially the MX Tech aircraft. In Perth Australia the Red Bull Air Race had its first accident and the plane happened to be an MXS-R. Nigel Lamb, also an MXS-R pilot, had a chance to look at the aftermath and in this article his observations are made about how the aircraft ended up.

  • Invertedcast

    Luvjets: Definately a very positive outcome for Adilson Kindleman and a great writeup by Nigel Lamb. Mark and I must have ESP because we talk about that crash on our next episode (which should be up on iTunes within a couple hours)! – Derek

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