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“It’s in the contract!” – InvertedCast Episode 30

Time to end the debate…InvertedCast is back in action yet again in another new episode! We are happy to be back and hope to be bringing you all more new content (including another in-flight cast)!


“My Precious” – Invertedcast Episode 29

By now you all know what happened at Reno and know who won the Unlimited Gold – you also probably know a little about some of the other race teams and how they had to pull all the stops to get racing… What you guys probably didn’t know is what Invertedcast’s role was at the race.

Listen in to find out more about the air races, the people we met and also listen in to find out more about how Invertedcast helped an unlimited racer get their race plane ready to go!


“Reno Inflight-icast” – Invertedcast Episode 28

In probably the quickest podcast turnaround ever, Mark and Derek bring you the raw excitement of their flight up to Reno and other special news! We are pretty sure we successfully recorded a video podcast but decided to upload the audio first – we’ll get the video up soon.

Listen to hear why Mark is sooo, sooo jealous of Derek and what they’re looking forward to in Reno. We’re bringing you the air races almost live this year so be sure to tune in tomorrow for more!


“Snowboolians” – InvertedCast Episode 27

Mark and Derek are getting so juiced for Reno that they’re actually recording regular podcasts! Listen in to hear more about Reno, Airplanes the movie, Stratus II flying and other aviation goodness!

Reno’s almost here – we’ll see you there!


“Prepping for Reno” – Invertedcast Episode 26

Invertedcast is back again and is getting ready for Reno! Listen in to hear Mark and Derek talk random things aviation, Airventure, the upcoming Reno air races and more! Also, in case you missed it, Episode 25 (our first video episode), is available on our YouTube page. Check it out and hope to see some of you at Reno!!!

Show Notes
Invertedcast Episode 25 – the Lost Video Episode:
MiG-17 comes back to life!:


“G Therapy” – InvertedCast Episode 24

Mark and Derek talk about their need for some serious G therapy in this latest episode! Listen in to also hear about Derek’s trip to Tahoe in the Mooney, what’s coming up in the aerobatic competition world and other things aviation!

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Download the episode here!

“Moonstang” – InvertedCast Episode 23

We’re back and we’ve got some serious, awesome news! And most of it is aviation related!!

In this episode we talk about Mark’s new member to the Invertedcast aviation family, Derek’s new vehicle and technology purchase as well as other things spin related (because honestly, we love talking about them). Oh…and to add to that, we were kinda involved in another epic formation involving something referred to as a “P-51 Mustang”…which (to the best of our wikipedia researching skills) is some kind of upgraded Citabria or something.


Enjoy the show!

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“Crazed new year” – InvertedCast Episode 22

A big Thank You to all the listeners that gave us great candid feedback for our previous episodes. We’ve incorporate your feedback into the show and really excited to bring our listeners new content and refocus on the stuff that brought you to us in the first place!

We’re back from our hiatus with Brendan from for our first episode in 2013! Listen in to hear about kit built planes, landing off airport, big wheels, renting woes and Mark’s favorite topic: all things Apple!

Now get that smoke oil burning..time for another episode of InvertedCast!


Show Notes

“Chappy down!” – InvertedCast Episode 21

InvertedCast forges on with yet another new episode! Listen in to hear about hidden warbirds, flying dogs and the source of that annoying buzzer and Mark’s black eyes!


Show Notes

P-40 in the middle of nowhere:

“Awe-strom!” – InvertedCast Episode 20

In the year 2012, Facebook probably goes IPO, Derek gets an iPhone and a good friend of the InvertedCast crew finally….after years of commitment to everything awestrom…gets his private pilot’s license!!

Listen in to hear Eric Ostrom talk about his start in aviation, leading to his journey becoming a private pilot. Also listen in to hear about his insatiable love affair for Yankees and soft tops! Enjoy the show!


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